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A Singles Guide to Be Much More Successful at the Dance!
Singles come to our singles dances for several reasons and we want you to make many new friends. 
For many of them, it is the first time they may have ventured out and they definitely want to come to an environment where they feel comfortable and want to avoid the ”bar scene”. We make your first experience Fun and Easy! Remember, make a friend First. Take it slow and get to know people abd the see what happens after you've seen your new friends at 2-3-4-5 dances in a row.

Our Singles Events are Specifically for Singles
If a Single is going out to meet another single person, why would they go to an event that has a large percentage of couples and/or married people? Other events have large groups of couples mixed in just like what happens in bars whereas all our singles are “single”!
Jumping that First Hurdle
Getting out of you home in some cases is the biggest hurdle. Each one of us has lost love for whatever reason. The worst thing we could do is to crawl into a shell and isolate yourself from everyone else. This is why our Singles Dances are a perfect way to get out in a fun, low pressure environment where you can meet new friends and start a new, exciting relationship if it is right for you at this time.

Singles Dances Atlanta is THE Best way available to meet Singles
Singles Dances Atlanta is the best way to meet that special person because on-line dating sites are highly unsuccessful because singles doubt that pictures are current and information is less reliable. So instead of sitting on the computer on a Friday or Saturday night, Singles can actually come out and meet other Singles face to face, dance and learn more about the person.
Dressy Up makes a Difference for our Singles
Everyone feels better about themselves when they are dressed up.
When we wear a nice dress shirt or sweater and dress slacks or a pretty dress, skirt or pant suit, our aura totally changes. We feel better about ourselves because we know that we are more attractive to everyone else.
Why a Dress Code is So Important… to YOU.
Other events and clubs have let their dress code lapse but we feel that our Singles appreciate it that we are the only event that has a dressy casual environment. If a single walks into two events (all other things being equal) or clubs and at one has a bunch of people dressed in jeans and (too) casual clothing and you walk into a place where people have nice dressy clothing on, the comfort level that anyone would have is that the second event goes way up because this event is more upscale and people care about their appearance and finally, the people who are dressed better all will enjoy a higher feeling of confidence about themselves, especially when the compliments start flying about how nice you look in your new dress or sweater.

Dancing with more people leads to more Success
If you’ve been to the dances before, you always hear me say… Ladies, it is very important to ask a gentlemen to dance early in the evening because you in turn will get asked many more times.
The Ladies that ask men to dance, dance 50-75% more than the Ladies that do not at singles dances.
Why, because traditionally it is the man who asks a lady to dance. So if a lady sees a man they are interested in, the man may not even see you sitting at a table or across the room. So, set your inhibitions aside for 4 minutes of your life and get over there and ask him to dance.
The more men you ask to dance, the more time you spend on the dance floor, the more men see you in “circulation”, the more men will ask you to dance. Try it… it Works!

Gentlemen... The Ladies Come to the Dance to Dance with YOU... Ask as many to dance as you can and you too will be successful!